Purgistics LTD is a subsidiary of Newport Group (Holding) LTD


Vessel Chartering

Our in-house chartering department charters over 75 vessels per year, ranging from 1000 dwt to 25,000 dwt. Destinations throughout Europe, Black Sea, Middle East, Med Sea, Asia and Latin America.

We handle all aspects of cargo movement, from inspections to detailed charter-party agreements, incorporating legal clauses to protect our clients from Demurrage and Detention.

Purgistics also charter approx 200 barge voyages throughout Europe, utilising the Reine, Elba and Danube Rivers.

Most our our current clients are multinationals manufacturers, utilising our expertise and experience.

Dry Bulk Warehousing

Purgistics Plc has warehouses in several locations in Europe. Our Dry Bulk storage terminals are located in Czech Republic, Rotterdam, North-West England, South East England and Turkey.

Total Dry Bulk capacity in Europe is approx 45,000 mts.

Road Tankers

A Joint Venture with a British Haulier, has enabled Purgistics to operate 5 Dry Bulk Powder Tanks (Pressurised) within the UK.

Further tanks are being planned for dedicated supply-chains within the UK and Europe.

Drivers are fully trained to current HS&E regulations, and trained for all aspects of chemical handling.

Rail Transport

The fastest growing segment in Purgistics, currently over 22 Dry Bulk Railway wagons operate throughout Europe. Transporting materials from Western Europe to Central Europe, vice-versa. Railway tends to be a more cost effective method of transportation especially for Bulk Powders.

Most wagons operate on client dedicated products, avoiding issues of cross-contamination.

We are able to transport powders within 16 countries in Europe.

Haz Chemical Transport

In conjunction with our sister company, Newport Industries Limited, Purgistics specialises in transporting LCL (Less then full Container Load) quantities of haz classed chemicals.

Regular bi-monthly movements between China and the UK. Chemicals are transported and abide by all Maritime, Insurance and UN regulations.

Purgistics are able to re-pack chemicals within China into UN approved drums/bags/IBC's, and offer Air Shipments for small quantities.

ISO Tanks

Purgistics transports bulk liquid chemicals from China and India to over 15 countries world-wide. Providing a global service door-to-door.

We are also able to hold/store and forward ISO Tanks on a contractual basis, for Just-In-time operations.