Purgistics LTD is a subsidiary of Newport Group (Holding) LTD

Supply Chain Management

Purgistics Plc can provide full supply chain services on a global basis. With a network of offices world-wide.


Our purchasing power, enables us to charter vessels, road/rail transportation, warehousing at lower costs, feeding through the potential cost saving to you, the client.

We provide the supply-chain link between feedstock producer at an overseas location, and the final end user, anywhere in Europe.


It is a well known fact that most overseas manufacturers add a 'margin' on freight, enabling them to increase their profitability. Purgistics helps you to disect this cost, and operate the cost more effectively, thereby enabling you to reduce your budgets year-on-year.


As we would control the logistics aspect, this would enable further transparency for deliveries; manufacturers shipping chemicals on a CIF basis may use excuses of delays at ports, weather and so on, where the problems maybe more deep-rooted then perceived.

Purgistics enables transparency, a difficult subject in today's world of volatile prices.

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